Access help from Alison

Thank you for everything u have done for us !!!

I was so greatful that my dear friend e-introduced us – even though we live on the different sides of the world, you were always able to find a moment to give a precious advice. I felt very alone living over here in New York and no one listened to me when I raised concerns about my baby being in pain.

In every phone and Skype consultation we had you were invaluable: from solving his reflux, discussing nutrition, providing advice on a sleep regime and even how to solve jet lag problems ! Vladimir is now 18 months and I still have regular Skype sessions with Alison to make sure we keep everything on track.

We can’t thank you enough !

Nadejda Savcova


I have known Alison professionally for many years and I am not surprised that grateful clients view her as The Magic Sleep Fairy. Whenever I refer mothers to Alison, they sing her praises and I have witnessed first-hand her ability to feed and settle a baby with complex issues such as gastro-oesophageal reflux. If you can’t see Alison, buy her book.

Clare Byam-Cook SRN. SCM. Author of What to Expect When You’re Breastfeeding….and What if you Can’t?

Clare Byam-Cook

My mummy and Daddy knew I was poorly when I was just a few weeks old, but they just didn’t know how to help me. Luckily they found Alison, who came to our house to help us. She taught them how to manage my reflux so I could drink my milk. Now Alison’s teaching me how to eat food – It’s a bit messy, but I’m loving it.

Thank you to my very own Magic Sleep Fairy……..she really is MAGIC, Love from Harriet” (5 months).

Harriet Newton

“Alison Scott-Wright is an amazing specialist who works with babies, helping them with sleep, acid-reflux and other things. Alison
was a very important part of my life and had a way with children that I had never seen before and haven’t since. She’s just an amazing friend and been such a help to me.”


Anne-Marie Duff

“Alison changed my nights for the better and for the good. She has an incredible understanding of what makes children tick…..and
more importantly what makes them sleep!”

James McEvoy

“Alison, I slept all night! Mummy is making my milk and dancing a jig! I feel so wonderful now I’m not in pain from my reflux and life is a breeze now I can sleep.

We can’t thank you enough, you really are The Magic Sleep Fairy! Lots of love, Hattie” xxx

“You are the best thing to ever happened to me!”
“You took away all my reflux pain”
James McEvoy

“You are the best thing to ever happened to me!”
“You took away all my reflux pain”
Sophie Walklate

My baby never liked to sleep. From the word go she was not a big kipper. But, she’s a baby! What did I expect!

At around the 6 month mark we realised not only had she never slept through but not even close, and our status quo was her waking every hour and a half or so. I was so exhausted but it was wrapped up and disguised in the veil of happiness of her arrival.

We investigated and read about, those long-awaited markers such as starting solids, or periods of common regression passing etc but still we had our all-night family raves.

By 7, 8 months I was attempting to get back to work as a Prima ballerina and was at my wits end. I had lost my humour, my logic and felt depleted & joyless – I was just so tired.

We then had the fortuitous luck of meeting Alison and she came to help our little girl, promising she could sort out this dysfunctional relationship with sleep.

If you’d asked even a month before her arrival I would have laughed you out the room withthe suggestion of help.

Alison proceeded to literally transform our family’s whole existence by giving us all our sleep back. A calm, comprehensive and very much personalised look at the issues we had. My husband and I felt.

Nathalie Harrison

Prima Ballerina with the Royal Ballet