Alison: The modern day Mary Poppins with pink hair

Heartfelt thanks from a client who shares her experience of enlisting the help of the Magic Sleep Fairy.

“We really don’t know what we would have done without Alison. She has been like the most caring mother figure to us since we contacted her. As first time parents we were at the paediatricians office when our baby was just 2 weeks old being told “everything was normal, babies are meant to cry.” We so wish we had followed our instinct… at week 7 after having heard the ‘Made by Mamas’ podcast with Alison on reflux — we knew immediately that our baby was struggling with some of the issues discussed.

“With a 48 hour home visit from Alison it felt like we had finally met our baby — pain free, happy and gaining weight!”

“We were on the phone to Alison that same afternoon who also confirmed the symptoms sounded like reflux and dairy issues. Alison literally hand-held us telling us which doctor we had to see, which formula (which the doctor later confirmed) and helped us adjust her medicine over time. After a couple of tough weeks getting the right balance of medicine and formula (always with Alison’s support) and with a 48 hour home visit from Alison it felt like we had finally met our baby — pain free, happy and gaining weight!

“Reflux and especially undiagnosed reflux and dairy intolerances are some of the most isolating and lonely issues for new parents. Let’s be honest we had no clue what we were doing and as all babies’ reflux is different it is hard getting ‘advice’ from other parents, not to mention the paediatrician shrugging off our concerns as ‘new parent paranoia’.

“We would whole-heartedly recommend Alison.”

“Having Alison there to help and guide us has been invaluable and I can’t stress enough to anyone considering contacting Alison how knowledgeable she is. Understanding, caring but no nonsense and straight to the point, by 12 weeks our baby (who previously only used to deeply if she was in our arms, upright with a dummy) was sleeping 12 hours through the night without waking, without the dummy and waking with a smile every time! Not to mention 3 strong naps throughout the day, without having to go through the dreaded sleep training that most new parents dread. Reassuring our baby and always making sure she knew we were there was the approach. Alison, the modern day Mary Poppins with pink hair. A wonderful woman who knows no limits when it comes to helping out parents and babies with sleeping issues. We would whole-heartedly recommend Alison.

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