Written by Amelia Brown, 5th June 2020

Alison is not actually a Fairy, she is an Angel if Angels walked the earth. She helped with our firstborn when she was very little as I was struggling with a few things. Whilst Sunny (our Daughter) was actually quite an easy baby, Alison gave me the confidence as a Mum to implement our routine and listen to my gut as well as listen to all the signals Sunny was giving us. Within two days she was sleeping so well for all her naps and at night — Sunny has since slept 12/13 hours night, every night from 8 weeks till now at 3.5 years old.

Alison is calm, so knowledgable and encouraging as well as firm which was amazing when dealing with a newborn. Since then Alison has always made herself available for advice — like when Sunny did start waking in the night and Alison diagnosed her with a Dairy issue. This was the case and within two days she was back sleeping again.

Our second baby is now 8 months old and once again Alison has been a Godsend. Whilst we were confident (thanks to Alison) to start our routine early, I was worried that something else was up as he was not too happy. Over just a couple of phone calls Alison gave amazing advice whilst also giving me the confidence that my gut was right — Atticus (our son) suffered from bad reflux and again within a couple of weeks we followed her advice and now he sleeps brilliantly.

I don’t think I trust anyone’s opinion as much as I trust Alison’s — I think that would probably apply to anything in life not just babies!

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