As my mother’s book The Sensational Baby Sleep Plan enjoys 10 successful years of publication, my son Cameron — has also just celebrated a birthday, his 11th.

I cant believe it was 11 years years ago when my mother was writing her incredible book! The year was 2009 and my beautiful son was born in January of that year.

Cameron was born with awful acid reflux and immediately refused to feed. It’s a very difficult thing to have a baby that you can’t feed, the strongest, natural urge we all have is to feed and nurture our new little bundles of joy. To be told that your doing it wrong, your boobs aren’t right, your nipples too big and then to watch your baby being tube fed some formula was heartbreaking — especially as all he did was vomit it back up! This all happened with my son Cameron when he was only days old and it made me feel like I was already failing as him mother!

I’m one of the lucky ones though, my mother — AKA The Magic Sleep Fairy, knew exactly what the problem was and how to help her new grandson.

Realising we were getting nowhere fast with the local healthcare, Mum whisked me and Cam off to London to see Dr Eltumi who is the paediatric gastroenterologist who wrote the foreword in her book. He diagnosed CMPI and associated acid reflux for which he prescribed a hypoallergenic formula and an anti-acid medicine. It was amazing to see the change in Cameron after just a few days as he became more comfortable and learnt that he could take milk without it hurting. He became a happy baby that wanted to eat and finally we could start to follow ‘The newborn plan’ that Mum writes about in her book, and by 7 weeks old Cam was sleeping 12 hours through the night!

I kept a journal of every day with Cameron, it helped to keep my sanity! I’m so happy that my mother used this in her book, I would like to think that it’s been helpful to other parents out there. Cameron is now 11 years old (I have no idea where that time has gone!) he is so happy, healthy and has a great relationship with food….and he still sleeps 10+ hours a night.


I just don’t know where I would have been without the incredible woman who most of you know as The Magic Sleep Fairy, but I do know that I am very lucky to have her not only as my mother but one of my closest friends. I’m so proud of her for everything she has managed to do and for all the families that have been helped by her book and through her amazing work. Here’s to another 10 years of awesomeness!

You can buy The Sensational Baby Sleep Plan on Amazon, on Alison’s website and other retailers.

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